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Win a copy of the ALEX: The winner is…

You had the chance to win a brandnew copy of the ALEX book by Christian Reister. To win this awesome photo book (see our mini-review), the only thing you had to do was to answer a question.

We asked you: Which other german photographer took this picture at the same spot the ALEX images were taken?

The picture “On Alexanderplatz, Berlin” was taken by german photographer and movie director Wim Wenders.

We received thirteen correct answers and picked the winner out of the hat last night. A copy of ALEX goes to Joanma Ferrer from Barcelona.

Congrats to Joanma! Thanks to all who took part.

Out now: ALEX by Christian Reister

The long awaited ALEX photobook by Berlin based photographer and long-time Seconds2Real friend Christian Reister is finally available.

ALEX is the short term for Alexanderplatz, a large public square in the central Mitte district of Berlin. Despite the German reunification 20 years ago, the Alexanderplatz has retained its socialist character, including the much-graffitied “Fountain of Friendship between Peoples”. Between 2008 and 2010 Christian Reister photographed daily life at Alexanderplatz using only a small compact camera set to panorama mode (for all you gearheads out there, a Panasonic LX3).

It’s about one year ago that i first saw Christians ALEX images. Already at the first look it was pretty obvious to me that Christian had created something very special. ALEX is not just another ‘best of street photography compilation’. It’s a stunning series of street photographs that actually work as a whole, an outstanding reflection of life at Alexanderplatz (which i personally consider as beeing the most depressing place in Berlin).

Over the recent months i have been following the creation of ‘ALEX the book’ closely. Christian Reister decided to bring out the ALEX series as a self-published photobook printed in Berlin. For those interested in self-publication: Make sure to check out blog61 for the documentation of this books creation process.

ALEX is sold through Christian Reisters website. This fairly priced book is highly recommended and certainly a good investment for those interested in european street photography.

written by Guido Steenkamp

'Street Photography Now' published, including work by Siegfried Hansen

Thames & Hudson published ‘Street Photography Now’. This book is the first survey of leading street photographers in twenty years, “Street Photography Now” celebrates the work of nearly fifty image-makers from across the globe.

3 seconds2real members in peruvian ‘UNE MOMENT’ magazine

The peruvian ‘UNE MOMENT’ photo magazine published the work of three seconds2real members in their latest issue. Issue No. 5 shows images by Andreas Stelter, Ronny Künniger and Guido Steenkamp.


Siegfried Hansen featured in fotocommunity plus magazine

“Der Hamburger Fotograf Siegfried Hansen hat sich der Street-Photography verschrieben. Seine Neugierde und sein Instinkt helfen ihm bei der Entstehung eines gelungen komponierten Bildes…”

Heiko Menze featured in bshot magazine

“Ich habe schon immer gerne die Dinge beobachtet… wie die Menschen sich bewegen, wie sie in ihrer Umgebung wirken. All das hat mich schon immer sehr fasziniert…”

in-public announced their book '10'

Famous Street Photography group In-Public announced the publication of 10, a hardback book of two hundred in-public street photographs from the last ten years.

Two Seconds2Real photographers presented in Publication

Seconds2Real photographers Kay von Aspern and Siegfried Hansen are both featured in the first issue of Nick Turpins “Publication”.

Kay von Aspern featured in DATUM magazine

“In Hamburg, kurz vor Weihnachten, hatte der Fotograf seine ganz persönliche Begegnung mit der Faszination des Unvollkommenen…”

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