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Interview im KWERFELDEIN Fotografie Magazin

Martin Gommel vom KWERFELDEIN Fotografie Magazin war so freundlich ein Interview mit uns zum Thema Street Photography in Deutschland zu führen. Das Interview findet Ihr im KWERFELDEIN Blog.

Andreas Stelter won Ampersand magazine photo competition

Seconds2Real member Andreas Stelter has been selected by Bill Henson as a winner of the “Capture The Fade photography competition” for the australian art and culture journal Ampersand Magazine.

'Street Photography Now' published, including work by Siegfried Hansen

Thames & Hudson published ‘Street Photography Now’. This book is the first survey of leading street photographers in twenty years, “Street Photography Now” celebrates the work of nearly fifty image-makers from across the globe.

3 seconds2real members in peruvian ‘UNE MOMENT’ magazine

The peruvian ‘UNE MOMENT’ photo magazine published the work of three seconds2real members in their latest issue. Issue No. 5 shows images by Andreas Stelter, Ronny Künniger and Guido Steenkamp.


MY MODERN MET blog about Siegfried Hansen

The My Modern Metropolis blog posted a large feature about Siegfried Hansen, including fifteen of his pictures.

Dany Santos II posted a very nice feature about Seconds2Real

Dany Santos II has a very nice feature about Seconds2Real and what inspiration means to him. Thank you Dany for your very kind words. Some of your biggest fans are amongst us!

Siegfried Hansen featured in fotocommunity plus magazine

“Der Hamburger Fotograf Siegfried Hansen hat sich der Street-Photography verschrieben. Seine Neugierde und sein Instinkt helfen ihm bei der Entstehung eines gelungen komponierten Bildes…”

Heiko Menze featured in bshot magazine

“Ich habe schon immer gerne die Dinge beobachtet… wie die Menschen sich bewegen, wie sie in ihrer Umgebung wirken. All das hat mich schon immer sehr fasziniert…”

591 blog loves Alex Magedlers street shots

Alex Magedler has a huge feature on the 591 photography blog, showing 6 of his galleries.

Guido Steenkamp featured by slow travel berlin

“All you have to do is to step out on the street and have your camera ready to record the small details of daily lives…”

Interview with Guido Steenkamp on Leica Portal

“At some point I started to capture the moments when I noticed something unusual or funny – just small details of daily lives…”

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