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Thorsten Strasas at FENSTER61

Foto: Thorsten Strasas

Thorsten Strasas’ series “Berlin. Grey.” ist currently on exhibition at FENSTER61. FENSTER61 is a Berliner photo exhibition place in a shop window in Mitte. The exhibition will be up until the 14th of February.

From the press release:
The urban human being lives. With and within major city architecture, as well as within the spaces of urban centers. Cramped or crushed to death by wideness, occasionally like a redundant relict out of a time when he himself was the center of the colony. Crowded to the border and left over – not knowing, whereto with himself and still meeting himself along the way.
Thorsten Strasas sees and shows encounters between the human being and his environmental space. Pictures these moments and shows the rest of disappearing individuality in urban space.

More on the FENSTER61 website

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