So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish!

Seconds2Real is closing down. While Seconds2Real’s activities as a collective have come to an end this website will remain for archive reasons. To stay up to date in the future check the photographers’ individual websites:


So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish!

Seconds2Real 2012. Back row left to right: Andreas Stelter, Thorsten Strasas, Kay von Aspern, Friedrich Schiller, Mario Cuic. Front, left to right: Alexander Magedler, Nathalie Opocensky, Elisabeth Schuh, Christian Reister, Siegfried Hansen.

Guido Steenkamp Interview published another interview, this time with Seconds2Real member Guido Steenkamp. Check it out here.

From Distant Streets in USA

In the exhibition “From Distant Streets,” curator and photographer Richard Bram has gathered together the work of 29 photographers working around the globe in a multitude of styles but with one common thread: their photographs are of unposed, unrehearsed Reality.


Interview im KWERFELDEIN Fotografie Magazin

Martin Gommel vom KWERFELDEIN Fotografie Magazin war so freundlich ein Interview mit uns zum Thema Street Photography in Deutschland zu führen. Das Interview findet Ihr im KWERFELDEIN Blog.

3 seconds2real members in peruvian ‘UNE MOMENT’ magazine

The peruvian ‘UNE MOMENT’ photo magazine published the work of three seconds2real members in their latest issue. Issue No. 5 shows images by Andreas Stelter, Ronny Künniger and Guido Steenkamp.


Guido Steenkamp featured by slow travel berlin

“All you have to do is to step out on the street and have your camera ready to record the small details of daily lives…”

Interview with Guido Steenkamp on Leica Portal

“At some point I started to capture the moments when I noticed something unusual or funny – just small details of daily lives…”

Exhibition by Guido Steenkamp at "Fenster61"

FENSTER61 is an approx. 2 by 2 meter shop window in the very busy Torstraße, near subway Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz in Berlin Mitte.

FENSTER61 is not a gallery. FENSTER61 doesn’t have opening hours, since the visitor is in a public space. The window is lit at night.


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