Seconds2Real is a co-operative of passionated austrian and german street photographers founded 2007. The aim of Seconds2Real is to promote Street Photography from Austria and Germany with joint projects such as publications and exhibitions as well as with this website.

Unlike most photographic online communities, Seconds2Real is a close family of like-minded individuals. We know each other in person and we meet frequently in changing cities. We greatly value the personal relationships between our members. We like watching people. We like photographing people on the streets. We like colour and we like black&white. We like film and we like digital.

Most of all we like to be surprised by the marvels of daily life.

Seconds2Real 2012. Back row left to right: Andreas Stelter, Thorsten Strasas, Kay von Aspern, Friedrich Schiller, Mario Cuic. Front, left to right: Alexander Magedler, Nathalie Opocensky, Elisabeth Schuh, Christian Reister, Siegfried Hansen.

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