From Distant Streets in USA

In the exhibition “From Distant Streets,” curator and photographer Richard Bram has gathered together the work of 29 photographers working around the globe in a multitude of styles but with one common thread: their photographs are of unposed, unrehearsed Reality.

Street Photography is thus Non-Fiction. It is not photojournalism per se, which is about recording events. Its concerns are much smaller but equally important, the little-noticed nuanced moments of everyday life. It is seeking the unusual in the everyday: As photographer, film-maker and blogger Nick Turpin puts it, “Good Street Photographs show you something you still would not have seen had you been there.”

Today cameras are everywhere and in everything. The camera in the average mobile phone has a higher resolution than the best digital cameras of ten years ago. Millions of images are recorded every hour in every part of the world. A large proportion of these are recordings of happenings in the streets, yet very few are what could be called Street Photographs. To rise above this mass of images, to create something special and to do it more than once is a fierce challenge, one that the photographers assembled at Galerie Hertz for the Louisville Photography Biennial have managed to do, and to do regularly.

The photographers are:

Blake Andrews, Eugene, OR
Anahita Avalos, Villahermosa, Mexico/France
Richard Bram, New York City
Maciej Dakowicz, Poland/Cardiff, Wales
Melanie Einzig, New York City
Adrian Fisk, UK/New Delhi
David Gibson, London
Siegfried Hansen, Hamburg, Germany
Nils Jorgensen, London/Cumbria, UK
Kate Kirkwood, Cumbria, UK
Felix Lupa, Tel Aviv, Israel
George Kelly, Portland, OR
Jesse Marlow, Melbourne, Australia
Stephen McLaren, London
Jan Meissner, New York City
Andy Morley-Hall, London/Wellington, New Zealand
Johanna Neurath, London
Kramer O’Neill, New York City
Mike Peters, New York City
Orville Robertson, New York City
Paul Russell, Weymouth, UK
Otto Snoek, Rotterdam, Netherlands
David Solomons, London
Guido Steenkamp, Berlin
Ying Tang, Shanghai/Cologne, Germany
Nick Turpin, London/Artemare, France
Kay von Aspern, Vienna
Dougie Wallace, Glasgow
Amani Willett, New York City

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